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such as rocking; abnormal responses to sensations, people, events and objects; and self-injurious behavior.


Autism is a developmental delay that includes symptoms such as speech difficulties, lack of eye contact, isolation and no fear of danger.

Autistic children act and sound like much younger children. What causes autism specifically is not known. Some experts believe there are bio-chemical reasons for autism; others suspect that it is a psychiatric disorder. Some believe that a combination of the wrong foods and too many antibiotics and environmental toxins can damage the colon and lead to physical

and behavioral problems, including autism.

The behavioral syndrome of autism includes abnormalities of language and thinking skills; repetitive behavior

ADHD or ‘Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder’, a behavioral disorder in children, is characterized by inability to focus or pay attention due to hyperactivity over a longer duration of time. This impairs the child academically as well as his/her social adaptability.  

Genetics and numerous environmental factors are considered as the most probable cause of the disorder. 

ADHD has three subtypes: The first is where the child is predominantly hyperactive and impulsive; the second is where the child is predomi

nantly inattentive with some hyperactivity; and the third is where the child shows a combination of both inattentiveness and hyperactivity.


ADHD or ‘Attention
Deficit Hyperactivity
Disorder’, a behavioral
disorder in children.
"1 in 59 children were
identified with autism
spectrum disorder.
Visit CDC Data URL:

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About ADHD

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Autism Spectrum Disorder

April 02, 2015

An Initiative for Autism Awareness

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Understanding the Inner Ecosystem & Unlocking the Mystery of Autism
Over the last few years groups like Defeat Autism Now (DAN), started by doctors whose own children suffer from the condition, have done an excellent job of diagnosing what's gone so seriously wrong with millions of children -- mostly in the last five years. They have consistently found a combination of conditions including severe intestinal dysbiosis, systemic fungal and viral infections, mineral deficiencies, abnormal serotonin levels and an abundance of toxic materials including pesticides other chemicals, mercury and other heavy metals.

To date, attempts to solve autism focus on the use of supplements and various therapies to correct the disorder (and its milder forms, including Asperger's syndrome, ADD, ADHD and ODD). And yes, diet is key: the recommended gluten-free, casein-free diet has proven to be extremely valuable. But while health-care professionals can be commended for their sincere attempt to find a more natural solution to the problem, they are meeting with only limited success. The missing piece needed to solve the mystery of autism lies deep within the intestinal walls.

 A lack of understanding of the role of our inner ecosystem is preventing researchers from unlocking the mystery of autism. If we fully recognized the value of the amazing "subculture" of micro flora that our intestinal tracts are designed to support, we would discover the key to preventing and healing this disorder.


Autistic kids find it difficult to communicate and express using words. They tend to keep to themselves, reacting abnormally to their surroundings, express sensitivity to normal sounds and touch, and have trouble linking words to their meanings (therefore learn better by using picture) as well as their inability to understand or comprehend feelings expressed by others. A child with autism tends to repeat certain words, have temper tantrums and/or flap their hands.
Reference documents: World Autsm Society

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Bridging the Mile in Special Skills by Transformation Dependant to Independent living. Prevention is better than cure in Healthcare, similarly in case of delayed learning kids it is defined thru research study Early intervention is half cure. This presentation briefs about Lean Health deployment in Autism Early Intervention and its key value mapping and integration knowledge areas for Natural wellness methods deployment in supporting Autism and Intellectual Disabilities children as a part of wellness programs designing.

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About Autism Autism is a general term used to describe a group of complex developmental brain disorders – autism spectrum disorders – caused by a combination of genes and environmental influences. These disorders are characterized, in varying degrees, by communication difficulties, social and behavioral challenges, and repetitive behaviors. ASD is a developmental disability characterized, in varying degrees, by persistent difficulties in social communication and restrictive and repetitive behaviors, interests, or activities. We know that early screening and intervention at younger ages helps children get the most effective treatments earlier in life. Most children with autism are diagnosed after age 4, even though autism can be diagnosed as early as age 2.

Autism Awareness & Autism Help Every day, the millions of Indians living with autism and their families face unique and daunting challenges that many of us will never fully appreciate. During April Autism Awareness Month, we renew our commitment to better understand autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and improve the lives of individuals living with it. A recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in USA estimates that 1 in 68 children in the United States has been identified with ASD.
URL: This latest estimate makes it clear that autism affects the lives of millions of our friends, neighbors, colleagues and family members. As per studies from doctors in India and parents feedback from Hyderabad this Autism in children is significantly increasing in India. Even though exact statistics research data not available, Telangana State government is committed to bring awareness in parents and extended the support required for children for early intervention and get necessary advise for proper recovery.

Considering the actual root cause for Autism occurrence is not known yet and research still continues globally. In the interest of social responsibility taking initiative with help of Smiles Foundation Hyderabad and a portal to bring Autism Awareness in India and help parents & Kids for necessary advise for proper recovery.

There is also a growing understanding of the significant needs that individuals with autism have across their lifespan, including education, employment, housing, and other supports that would allow them to fully participate in community life. The Administration for Community Living has bolstered our commitment to promoting the health, well-being, and independence for those with autism and their families and caregivers. This April, let us recommit ourselves to making advances through research and effective services and supports that will enhance the lives of the individuals and families—our children, friends, and neighbors—who live every day with autism.

Contact: SMILES FOUNDATION, Hyderabad, India
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Proposal: D.M.Arjun Founder and C.I.O of Smiles foundation appeal one and all to pledge ourselves to volunteer and support children with Intellectual disability and Autism, by giving Domain Knowledge by Medical Practitioners, Spread the the word on Autism Awareness and help Autistic Kids to learn Life Skills & Specialized vocational courses suggested by alternative education system which allow Autistic child to live in society on their own.

Think with whole heart once. 1 in 59 kids are suffering with Autism in USA and India is 1.2 billion citizens referred as youth nation among the rest of the world and need for establishing such facility to support future generation kids. The risk prediction is higher than Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiac and any other chronicle diseases if we ignore the need for support services of Autism Kids in India.

Current Situation:

1) Any Autistic kid needs minimum of 4 therapies in a day (Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy or Sensory Integration, Special Education and Behavior Correction or Psychological advise)

2) A parent has to spend more than 1000 rupees for initial assessment walk thru several departments. He/she has to travel different departments and locations, minimum 10 miles a day and continuously has to take care of these services which are high expensive costs more than 8 to 15 Thousands per month.

4) Every child learning curriculum is different and it changes every day and needs regular assessments to plan improvement steps.

5) There is no complete treatment or Surgical procedure. Only Regular therapies with special care with medical advice helps to bring Autistic Kids to Normal Stream- Long Term process.

Contactless Monitoring of Cardiac Contractions using Vibro-acoustic Sensors placed under Mattress and helps to Early Detection of Seizers & Epilepsy in Children. "Dozee", Get alerted early Our AI -based engines monitors the health data to alert you early about any deviation from your healthy self. Easily Monitor Health of your patients when they are recovering @home. A feature that has proven life saving for many. Similarly Data Collected in Sleeping Patterns, Respiration, Heart Beat and Stress Levels helping to early intervene Seizers & Epilepsy Occurrence Integrating with Predictive Analytics on Dozee results, Hyperactive behaviors in Autism were well determined in advance and custom wellness programs are planned proactively. A health Monitor without leads or wires. All patients have to do nothing, just sleep.Once placed under the mattress, all that your parents & Kids need to do is sleep. Dozee continuously monitors their health without any hassles of charging or wearing anything.

SMILES Foundation and commited to facilitate the required therapy services with very nominal fee by trained therapists and Free individual & parent councelling sessions at their campus.

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Autism - Treatment Overview (Source:

 Early diagnosis and treatment helps young children with autism develop to their full potential. The primary goal of treatment is to improve the overall ability of the child to function.

 Symptoms and behaviors of autism can combine in many ways and vary in severity. Also, individual symptoms and behaviors often change over time. For these reasons, treatment strategies are tailored to individual needs and available family resources. But in general children with autism respond best to highly structured and specialized treatment. A program that addresses helping parents and improving communication, social, behavioral, adaptive, and learning aspects of a child's life will be most successful.  More...

Autism and ADHD | Signs, Treatments and Therapies by Author: Rachel Green and Wendy Rhodes